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Use our risk-free service and claim up to EUR 20,000 in damages for Daimler, Iveco, DAF, MAN, Volvo/Renault and Scania trucks leased or purchased between 1998 and 2014

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Our process is risk-free and we work on a contingent fee basis, which means we only get paid if your case wins.

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With experience with more than 1.000 clients in this case, you can trust the lawyers, who will represent your claim against the truck catrtel in court in Germany.

About Legalta

We help people and companies that bought trucks during the cartel period to take action in court and get back between 5-20% of the overall purchase price.

You will not incur any costs, whether legal fees, court costs or comprehensive expert opinions, we will pay everything for you and exempt you from any cost risk. Only in the event of success do we partake pro-rata in the money that will be retrieved.

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PARK TRUCK is a litigation financing company, partner of Legalta, that is ready to support you in enforcing your claims and to finance your compensation proceedings in full.


It is the renowned law firm in Munich, with a history of more than 30 years, which will deal with completing the file and representing your interests in the court in Munich to maximize your chances of winning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a litigation financing company, specialized in litigation against large corporations. Only in case of success, the financier of the litigation costs receives the previously agreed quota of the money obtained.

You can recover up to 20% of the purchasing price if you choose to partner with us and claim together. Experts anticipate the expected compensation will be anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 euros per truck.

If we are not financially successful, you do not bear any costs or risks. In case of success, Legalta receives a previously agreed part of the money obtained (Around 1/3 of the reimbursed amount.)

If you choose to partner with us you are not subject to any risk and you must bear no cost. The whole procedure is coordinated by us. This includes the careful selection of specialized lawyers, the preparation of expert opinions by competent experts and an appropriate grouping of claims.

You have to prove your purchase of the vehicle. We require relevant documents such as an invoice, leasing agreement, order confirmation, etc. The more documents you can provide us, the better it is for us.

In this case, Park Truck as the litigation financier will have had bad luck and will be stuck with the costs. You will not have to pay anything. Our service is and will always be risk free.

By calling or writing to us. We will get in touch shortly with you and consult you on your options and the eligibility of your trucks.

New Trucks you have purchased or leased with a gross vehicle weight of over 7.5 tonnes between 1998 and 2014 from Daimler, Iveco, DAF, MAN, Volvo / Renault and Scania. Our employees will check the eligibility of your trucks and get back to you within a few days.

This does not affect your claims for damages, they still exist. You may have to accept only a reduction in the amount of compensation because you received a higher resale price due to excessive truck prices during this period than would have been the case without handling the card.

All you have to do is prove that you bought or rented a truck from one of the manufacturers in question during that period. If more than one document is not available, the purchase price will be estimated using a plausibility report, if necessary. It is important to have the chassis number of the vehicle in question. This allows the vehicle to be clearly identified. If this can no longer be identified, we must decide in each individual case whether the evidence is sufficient for a claim.

First of all, we will try to reach an acceptable solution outside the court. But past experience leads us to suppose that legal proceedings will be initiated. A popular strategy of large corporations in similar cases is often to make life as difficult for plaintiffs as possible, in order to obtain a deterrent effect.

All the processes we initiate are filed in Germany. Since each member of the cartel can be sued in antitrust proceedings, we can choose which member of the cartel we are suing. This means that if you purchased a truck from Iveco, you can claim damages from Daimler. This is a special feature of antitrust law.

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